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To transfer your pet domestically and internationally, you need to buy online microchip for pets, as it is the only proof of identity that your pet can have while travelling to ensure its safe travel. It is mandatory for the quarantine officials to verify your pet according to the veterinary documents presented by you.

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the microchip should only be injected by a veterinarian or under the supervision of veterinarian. Although it looks like a simple procedure, it is very important that the microchip is injected properly. Using too much force, or placing the needle too deeply, or placing it in the wrong location can not only make it difficult to detect.

Once your pet is microchipped, there are only three things you need to do: 1) make sure the microchip is registered in a national database like ; 2) ask your veterinarian to scan your pet’s microchip at least once per year to make sure it is still detected; and 3) keep your registration information in the database up-to-date.

Why Pet Microchip?

Unique Identity

The microchip acts as the unique identification of your pet. This number is mentioned on all the records for the pet.

Find Lost Pets

If your pet is lost, you are far more likely to be reunited if they are microchipped as they can be scanned at nearest vets and get owner.


Microchipping is mandatory for international travel and recommended for travel within India. All pet documents must have microchip number

Lasts a life time

Once a pet is microchipped, it lasts in the body of the pet forever. So it is a one-time thing to be done.


A microchip provides permanent identification for your pet and gives them the best chance of being reunited with you, should they happen to go missing.

Read Only By Scanners

The microchip can be read by only a microchip RFID scanner. This is available with most vets.

IATA Crate Specified

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IATA CRATE can range from small, medium, intermediate to large, extra-large and giant, depending upon the size of the pet. From puppies weighing from 25 pounds to adult dogs weighing 110 pounds and more, we provide kennels in all sizes. For shipping breeds as approved by the government of India.

If you ship your pet as air freight, check with the airline to ensure the air freight facility is open so your pet may be claimed by the consignee. Note that it is preferable to ship your pet on week days as all staff are working and liaison is easier all along the route.Contact the airline you have selected to confirm that they accept your pet on the day.

Our IATA Crates

32.5 300 x 300
32.4 300 x 300
48.6 300 x 300
48 inch
40 inch
28 inch
3 inch
Lock and Screws
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Travel Crate IATA Specified

For Air travel domestic and International , It is essential we get the Fiber crates which are in accordance to IATA guidance . The crates are imported . Approved by multiple Airlines and have been effective
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